Ahhh, I want my MTV! Remember Martha Quinn? Remember music videos?  In the early days music videos didn't need to make sense.  Throw in some smoke and a horse, now close up in the horse's eye ball.  We definitely had the best of MTV in the 80's.  My favorite show was JUST SAY JULIE with Julie Brown making fun of music videos, which reminds me, when are those coming out on DVD.

Sometimes music videos had a story.  in LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD Pat Benatar showed us that the hardship of running away from home meant becoming a private dancer and working for an evil pimp.  Then over throw that pimp but having all girls gang up on him with fantastic and memorable dance moves. A dance that would become so memorable that only Michael Jackson's THRILLER could top it.  And you if need a reminder of how absurd 80's music videos can be, just check out CAPTAIN EO at the Disney parks.  At one time, that video was considered "totally awesome".

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