We're back with your favorite Pat Benatar tribute rock musical INVICIBLE: THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN.  An adaptation of the film from 1985 that made you cut your hair short,  sing Pat Benatar's INVINCIBLE, and yell "FAIR IS FAIR!"

Fair is fair!”  That is the rebel-rousing cry of sultry 18 year-old Billie Jean Davy (Jennifer Dohn) and her band of teenage misfits; on the run from the law and in search of truth, justice and a kick-ass haircut!  It’s the summer of 1985, Corpus Christi, Texas.  Local bully, rich-kid, Hubie Pyatt (John Cantwell), has maliciously vandalized the brand new Honda Scooter belonging to dirt poor Binx Davey (Sam Pancake): a purchase made by the 16 year-old trailer park resident with insurance money left to him by his dead father.  (Are you in tears yet?!)  It’s up to big sis, Billie, to convince Hubie’s sleazeoid father to cough up the $608 for repairs.  Fair is fair, after all! 

But things don’t go as planned.  After several sweaty moments in Mr. Pyatt’s (Hutchins Foster) back room, a gunshot, and a charge of armed robbery; Billie and Binx are furiously fleeing the state with fellow trailer park comrades in tow: 16 year-old, boy-crazy, Ophelia Bray (Beth Leckbee), and precocious tomboy, 14 year-old, Putter Jacks (Jacquelyn Denning); as well as a more than willing hostage: 17 year-old cutie, Lloyd Muldaur (also John Cantwell), son of District Attorney, Maria Muldaur (Doreen Calderon).  They’re dodging the law, fighting for their rights, saving abused children, and creating eye-popping fashion statements wherever they go!  This is the setup of the 1985 cult hit film “The Legend of Billie Jean.”   Through in a Detective (Brian Dyer) and some 80's crazed Billie Jean Fans (Nora Miller and Terry Ray) and you've got a story and plot.  We think?

A tribute musical to rock goddess Pat Benatar, you're gonna love this outrageous brand new  workshop production of  “Invincible, The Legend of Billie Jean!”  Brought to the Cavern Club Celebrity Theatre by the director/co-creator of the hit, comedic, camp-classic “Chico’s Angels, Kurt Koehler.”


If you were a kid of the 80’s, then you remember how much you loved it.    If not, then you’ll want to find out what has everyone all fired up!  So grab your heels, your legwarmers, and your best acid wash jeans, and join us…  Relive the legend! 

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