I was just a wee lad in the 8th grade in 1985.  My high school combined middle school (7th and 8th grades) with the rest of the high school population, so you were reminded everyday just how small you really are.   Having an older brother as a senior that year really helped, because all the older girls wanted to be my friend, which helped tremendously with getting beer. 

I remember THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN with a great fondness,  and because it played on cable over and over again I could recite parts of the movie.  "Fair is fair" "She's everywhere" and of course singing "WE WILL BE INVINCIBLE".  We had so much to angry about at that age, being pushed around because we're "just a bunch of kids".  THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN taught us to cut our hair like Joan of Arc (which was so totally in) and stand up to the powers that be and we could do anything.  REVOLUTION! Isn't that what's so exciting about THE HUNGER GAMES right now?  Did I just compare BILLIE JEAN with the HUNGER GAMES? Yes I did. Mainly to get some google traffic, but also to say we love a female underdog story.
Mr. Symes
7/5/2012 12:29:58 pm

Hey. I teach grade nine English and I cover the Hunger Games and I always watch Billie Jean afterwards. The stories have so many connections and common themes / elements. Good job thinking so too. I'll give you an A


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