"One of the funniest shows I have ever seen! We laughed till we hurt."
Marc - Goldstar.com

"funny. there is not a dull moment",
Goldstar Member

"I haven't laughed this much since seeing "Chico's Angels." What's surprising is you apparently don't need to see the film prior as one of my guests hadn't and laughed all the way through. She streamed the film the next day on line and called to tell me she much preferred the play.

It's amazing the level that these actors commit to their characters to make parody come across as hilariously serious. Even the secondary roles grab onto their characters and make them so in your face; you can't help but even love the villains.

If you have not seen this show, put it on your list QUICK. It's a must see. Just make sure you pee before curtain or you may have an unintended accident during the show. You are forewarned."
Peter Fields - Goldstar.com

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