The first half of 1985 I was an intern at a theatre in Memphis, TN.  We were housed in a run down pre-Civil War mansion that was falling apart.  To spice that up a bit, an eccentric actor from the original DARK SHADOWS TV show would walk around the house in the middle of the night dressed in a tuxedo.  Apparently he...well, thought he was a vampire.  The 2nd half of the year I lived in Mobile, AL and toured in a musical about Wild Pecos Bill.  But hold on to your spurs because, I was the pistol toting title character.  LA folks under estimate my butchness.  I didn’t get to the movies much that year but I had a boom box and I remember loving Pat Benatar’s INVINCIBLE...though for a long while I thought it was INVISIBLE, but I blame that on the cheap batteries.  My thanks to Kurt Koehler and James Quinn for casting me in 13 roles in this production.  I really don’t mind that I spend most of the show standing in my underwear backstage wondering what to put on next because that’s sort of what I do at home. 

Peter Fields
4/11/2012 12:58:31 am

Maybe I'll walk around Casita del Campo in the middle of the night in a tuxedo as well so you feel more at home . . . .


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