I really loved Pat Benatar - I was first and foremost a Debbie Harry/Blondie freak but Pat was on the same label (Chrysalis) as Blondie and also had the same producer for a lot of her stuff, Mike Chapman.   I loved the Blondie sound and I, of course, loved the Pat Benatar sound - Pat really had the voice and was even tinier than Debbie.  Amazing the power her voice had and still has although, to be snarky, Debbie's has aged much better.  And Debbie actually wore the blazer over one-piece swim suit thing long before Pat, even though Pat worked that look more.  And Pat didn't wear a black & white cut-out swim suit under her jacket - she wore a leotard straight out of, like, the Danskin store at the mall - and that, kids, is what makes one a punk and not just your run of the mill rock star.   Not that I'm knocking Pat - again, she's one of my very faves and I'm loving singing all the songs that I know by heart that all these other kids in the cast have never heard of.  How sad.  You all know that "We Live For Love" was written about Linda Blair - Neil "Spider" Geraldo's girlfriend before marrying Pat.  Linda rocked a lot of rock stars - but this show is all about Pat.  Billie Jean is even wearing little Pat Benatar boots in the show - and that my friend is one of the things that Pat owns over any other pop/rock star - Pat Benatar Boots.  They're not ankle boots or half boots or Catherine Deneuve in "The Hunger" opening scene boots - they're Pat Benatar Boots - and like her music they will rock forever!!!!!  "Yeah-eah, ooh-ooh"  One more thing for the kids - Pat was the Whitney Houston before Whitney came out about the time Pat's career waned - what is unique about Pat is that she just sang the notes and that was enough.  Post Whitney Houston female power house singers (Ann Wilson not including) just sang AROUND the notes i.e. Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and all them ho's trying out for American Idol & other shit shows.  That's annoying.  If you're a really compelling singer (like Pat) you can get away with anything  musically by just singing what's written and bringing your essence through your vocal tone - not by acrobatics.  Ok, I'm done.

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