1985. My freshman year at Castle High School in the one-traffic-light town of Newburgh, IN. Hair spray, sweater dresses, pep rallies,  Swatch watches and braces. Good lord, I was a hot mess. I was in a singing group called "Broadway Babies" - we performed all over the city at such high-profile venues as the McCurdy Retirement Center and the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new Schnucks grocery store off highway 66. "85 was the year I joined the thespian club and sang in my best cockney accent in MY FAIR LADY, dated a punk-rocker, and became a woman. Yep, I said it. Just like PUTTER. Hey, I was a year younger than my classmates and a late bloomer.   I was far too dorky and straight-laced to sport the edgy Pat Benatar look that took schools by storm. Let's face it, I was a lot more like PUTTER... minus the child abuse, trailer park and juvenile delinquency. But no doubt, had BILLIE JEAN asked me to go on the run for justice, I would have.... I just would have called my mom & dad first.  

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