In 1985, I had my first apartment in Chicago. It was a 2BR, 2B for $425 - that I split with a roommate! I also had a cool boyfriend who was into punk music and John Mellencamp (who back then went by John Cougar). Trivia: We split up in 1986, but dated again in 2003 in Los Angeles.

A few years earlier I was in a cover band. We always opened with Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker". In the 2nd set we did "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", and still squeezed in Pat's version of John Cougar's "I Need A Lover". She was definitely the queen of rock at the time. Trivia: I still have the band's demo.

I was attending a theatre conservatory in 1985 and most of us girls sported a "Flashdance" look including myself. I'd shop at Amvets or the Salvation Army where I'd buy t-shirts just to cut them up. That summer I got my first pair of pink Jellies. Trivia: I use both my original '80's eyeglass frames and legwarmers in the show!

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