Oh 1985, you were a very good year.   My family ran a dirt bike race track in Odessa Texas called “Roadrunner ” and we were there most weekends.  We had an all-female team called “the BMX Darlings”. HOT!!  I was a force to be reckoned with on those dirt whoop-dee-dos, anthills and hairpin turns… believe it!   One of my favorite memories is watching my mom win a Mother’s Day bike race just months after she had given birth.   Now that is girl POWER!  We were not allowed to go see “The Legend of Billie Jean” because my mom thought it looked smutty.  I think she noticed that Helen Slater wasn’t wearing a bra and that put the movie in the forbidden category.  I loved Pat Benetar and watched the video for Invincible a million times which included clips from the movie (suck it Mom).  I loved the Goonies too and imagined riding my bike with my brothers and sisters to find buried treasure (I have 5 sisters and 2 brothers so we were our own version of the Goonies).  I was a mini-feminist even back then and loved the power that the women of the 80s were bringing.  Thank you Lauper, Harry, Jett, Benetar and all you other 80’s ladies for inspiring me and so many others! We will be INVINCIBLE.  

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